Basic movements

zakladni pohyby

Any piece of piping which is subjected to temperature changes will expand and contract and this could damage the system that piece of piping is linked up to if not correctly looked after. The same applies to the mechanical vibrations produced by compressors, pumps, motors and turbines.

The following is a detailed list of the basic movements which the Expansion Joints are designed to deal with:

Axial Movement

(Compression or expansion along the length of the Expansion Joint)

axial thumbsipky axial

Angular Movement

(A curved or bending movement of the Expansion Joint with regards to its longitudinal axis)

sipky angular

angularni thumb

Lateral Movement

(Movement of one end of the Expansion Joint perpendicular to its longitudinal axis)


lateral1 thumb

Lateral Movement with two bellows

lateral2x thumbsipky axial