Our suppliers


Company MACOGA S.A. (www.macoga.com) Since its foundation has been engaged with the manufacture of flexible bellows. Long-standing experience and know-how combined with the latest technologies and computers make the company one of the world's leading producers of flexible bellows. Their philosophy of "total quality" have persuaded European, Asian, Australian or American customers of high quality and safety of their products from the design through to the final product.


Company PIHASA S.A. (www.pihasa.com) Based on the Madrid outskirts and wielding 25-year experiences in production of pipe mountings and spring suspensions, Pihasa S.A. manufactures and carries out inspections of and repairs to pipe spring support and suspension applications at classical and nuclear power plants, petrochemical refineries but also in the pulp-paper and food industries. During its operation the company has offered a top-quality product combined with flexibility in design and supply of its products. The company has its philosophy based on the satisfaction of the customers´ demands combined with total quality of a product while retaining acceptable competitive prices. This is merely possible thanks to high-skilled personnel and technical progress combined with the company's good financial background.


Company DIETER A. ROTH GmbH (www.roth-kompensatoren.de) Company DIETER A. ROTH GmbH (www.roth-kompensatoren.de) Since its establishment in 1979, Dieter A. Roth ranks among recognised long-standing suppliers of high-quality flexible joints for pipe systems both in Germany and on the international markets. Their wide-ranging supplier programme central elements include bellow pressure hoses and fabric expansion joints. The high quality of products combined with favourable prices and the wide scope of services make ROTH Kompensatorenbau one of the leading producers of the above commodities. The basis for a high-quality product is both modern production equipment and certificates and meeting of the standards of the challenging German market on supplies to power engineering and mechanical engineering technologies.


ELAFLEX (www.elaflex.de) is a specialist company in safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. Their strength are standards compliant, long-lasting hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles.